Kyoto Journal Issue 90


SPECIAL SECTION: Old roads, revisited

Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan from another era: stunning photography from Luke Powell’s forthcoming book, Asia Highway, and primordial sea-roads traveled by ancient Shinto gods in Yoshida Shigeru’s photos of torii gates along the Tohoku coastline, with an accompanying essay by John Dougill;

Following in the footsteps of an itinerant Kyoto priest of the 13th-century Kaidoki in a new translation by Meredith McKinney, and the Tokaido highway with renowned woodblock artist Hiroshige in John Gohorry’s retelling of a historical shogunate mission;

Victorian-era explorer Isabella Bird on her Unbeaten Tracks in Japan, a classic account of travels by rickshaw and pack-horse in 1878, and Ann Tashi Slater recounts a family road trip brimming with idealism;

Pico Iyer ponders local bikers’ fascination with Route 66 in his quiet Nara suburb, and Lianca Van Der Merwe reports back from a new gourmet cycling tour of rural Iwate Prefecture, and;

Robert Brady, KJ’s Rambler-at-Large, meditates on the traveler’s life-journey.


Manga reportage on disaster relief by Fumio Obata, and the third instalment on our series on the mysterious performing art of Noh;

Illuminating interviews with kimono designer Tange Yusuke, and Yamada Akihiro, architect of Kyoto’s beloved Kamo River promenade;

Short fiction from the battlefields of Pakistan by Mohammad Nasrullah Khan, plus our selection of poetry and reviews of the latest Asia-related books.


Cover by Everett Kennedy Brown

Printed on Vent Nouveau fine art paper by SunM Color, Kyoto

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